Best Gifts for DJs – 8 Awesome Gifts for the DJ in Your Life

Buying a gift for a loved one can be tough. If you know someone who is passionate about DJing and music then it might make it a bit easier to find a suitable gift for them. You can make sure you get them something that represents their passion!

In this guide, we’re looking at some of the top gifts for DJs and wannabe DJs. From small novelty gifts to courses or equipment that can actually help a DJ in their day-to-day career.

Funny/Novelty Gifts for DJs

If you want a one-off gift or something to put a smile on the face of your DJ friend, then the options below could be ideal for you. They’re relatively inexpensive, and you don’t have to do any research on DJ hardware or software to find something that will fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for gifts for a DJ boyfriend who has everything, or a secret Santa for someone you know is a hobbyist DJ, we’ve got you covered.

6” Disc Jockey Metal Figurine

This decorative disc jockey figurine adds a touch of humor to a DJs desk! Its sleek, yet industrial vibes would look right at home next to your loved one’s record collection, on their turntable, or just on a shelf to spruce up their home. The metal frame of this figurine is durable as well as stylish, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily, and it can decorate your loved one’s space for years to come.

Another benefit to the sleek metal design is it can go with just about any decorating scheme. And at 6-by-12 inches, it’s big enough to make a statement without being so big that it takes over the whole room.

DJ Customized Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Wall décor makes a great gift because almost everyone can make use of it. This has a function as well as looking great, and it’s customizable. This 12-inch wall clock is made of an actual black vinyl record, which makes it the perfect gift for music lovers and one of the top gifts for DJs.

The actual clock face is a sticker, so it’s flush with the rest of the design and your friend won’t have to worry about dust getting into any cracks in the clock. It’s also silent, so there’s no annoying ticking sound to worry about. Your gift recipient can hang it in a quiet office, music studio, or bedroom without it bothering them.

One of the best things about this customized wall clock is that it’s customizable. When you make your purchase, you can customize it with your friend’s DJ name. They’ll have a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art in their home, and they’ll have you to thank.

It even comes ready to hang, with a hook pre-installed in the back, so your giftee can display it proudly right out of the box with minimal effort. Just make sure you also gift them a AA battery to run it, because that’s not included.

“Relax. The DJ’s Here.” T-shirt

This DJ t-shirt is designed to be funny. You probably know a DJ who will wear this shirt totally unironically, or even on stage!

It comes in a range of colors, so you can choose one that matches your friend’s style.

It’s also just a really well-made t-shirt – because who wants to gift someone a great design on a poorly-made shirt? It’s made with 100% preshrunk cotton (except the grey color, which is 90% cotton and 10% polyester). The seamless double-needle collar and sleeves won’t tear, stretch, or fray. The hem at the neck and shoulders are tapered to give the wearer a better fit.

Just because it’s a humorous T-Shirt, it doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel good, too.

The design’s also printed using eco-friendly ink, so your DJ friend can feel good about their gift and you can feel good about your purchase. And the design process involves heat-treating the graphic, which keeps the lettering intact and color-fast wash after wash.

Headphone Woven Skinny Necktie

This skinny necktie is a great gift for DJs who like to dress up once in a while, but feel like most ties are too stuffy.

Whether your friend works in an office, is getting ready to attend a formal event, or has to dress up for some of their gigs, they’ll love a tie that broadcasts their passion. It’s an excellent way to inject fun into formalwear.

This tie is also a conversation starter at social events so they can talk about their hobby. It’s fun, but still classic and professional enough to be appropriate for special occasions or wearing to the office. And the slim design is super on-trend.

Accessories with novelty prints like this often have a reputation for being poorly made. But you won’t have that problem with this tie. It’s made with high-needle count fabric and will actually feel higher-quality than the average tie. The back is lined with premium fabric for a luxurious feel. And it comes in protective packaging, so you can trust it’ll be safe in transit and will arrive in great condition.

To give you maximum peace of mind, this tie even comes with a 5-year warranty, which tells you they’re built to last. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the quality, change your mind, or if your DJ friend doesn’t love it for some reason, you can return it and get them something else instead.

MRCUFF Presentation Gift Box Turntable Record Player Cufflinks & Polishing Cloth

Cufflinks are a seriously underrated and often-overlooked way to spiff up a formal look. These turntable cufflinks make the perfect gift for any occasion. They’re especially great if your DJ friend goes to a lot of formal events where he needs to wear a suit (or if he doesn’t go to formal events often, but wants to spice up his look).

The sleek metal design is a classic tone for cufflinks. The black, silver and gray-green color scheme will match almost any outfit. It’s subtle enough to blend in with most palettes without being boring. They add personality to a look without standing out too much. They also make an excellent conversation starter and ice-breaker.

The cufflinks come in a presentation gift box, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect gift wrapping or container to present them in. And the box can be used for long-term storage or displaying the cufflinks on your DJ friend’s dresser when they’re not being worn. They even come with a polishing cloth, so it’ll be easy for your friend to keep them shining and looking great wear after wear.

Practical Gifts for DJs

The following are gifts that a DJ can make a lot of use of as well as being good fun. DJ equipment is expensive, so if you are going to spend some money on a DJ as a gift then there is a chance they would like it if you could buy them something useful. This is tough, because you might not be able to buy a surprise gift for them. It makes far more sense to talk to the DJ and make sure you are buying something they actually need.


Serrato DJ Pro is one of the industry-standard pieces of software. It can make the ideal present for a DJ or aspiring DJ if they don’t already have it. Some beginners use cheaper, or even free software before they get to the point where they can upgrade to better software. Serato is usually what they dream of.

It is paid for in a monthly membership, so you might have to set up a direct debit and pay for a year. Maybe this could be your gift for them next year, too!

An External SSD

One problem that DJs face time and time again is the fact that they need loads of storage, and quick access to their library of songs.

You or I might just access songs on a streaming service or platform like Apple Music or Spotify, but these songs aren’t easy to use to DJ. DJs need high-quality MP3 or WAV files that can take up a lot of space.

This 120 GB SSD is good value-for-money and can store thousands of songs, and even other DJ essentials like plugins and acapellas. It’s affordable and reliable, but also portable. If a DJ works with a laptop they might need a portable SSD to ensure they’re not clogging up their laptop’s drive.

It may not be the most exciting gift, but you could buy it along with one of the novelty gifts!

Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser HD25 DJ Headphones

All DJs need headphones. These Sennheiser models are designed to be great for DJs, useable over just one ear, and they sound fantastic. The closed-back design also shuts out a lot of the external noise.

These Sennheiser headphones are made to handle high SPL levels, so even in a loud venue they will continue to work just as well. The single-sided cable is ideal for DJs and they even have a rotating capsule, which makes it easy to listen with one ear.

DJs need to listen to headphones with one ear as they develop the unique skill of listening to two pieces of music they’re planning to blend. These headphones make it easy.

They’re flexible, but also really rugged, so ideal for any DJ. There aren’t many DJs and musicians who won’t love the sound and reliability of the HD25 headphones.

A DJ Course for Wannabe DJs – The Ideal Gift

This is a perfect idea for someone who wants to become a DJ. Aspiring DJs can learn everything they need either in person or online.

We recommend Crossfader’s courses for those who are looking to learn the basics of DJing online. Why not pay and enroll a loved one in the course?

If you want to find a course for a loved one in person, local DJs might be able to recommend somewhere or even offer tuition. You might be able to buy a voucher so that you have something to gift your loved one on their big day, whether it’s a birthday present or Christmas gift that you need.

Other Gift Ideas for DJ Friends

Though we’ve provided you with an overview for your DJ lover gifts or for your friends who like to spin vinyl, there are plenty of other ideas. It’s worth trying to do a bit of research to work out what they already have and if they actually need the gift you’re thinking of.

  • Music store vouchers. DJs almost always have something they need like an adapter, USB drive, or other small pieces of equipment they can get from a music store.
  • Custom bobbleheads. This is a funny gift, but one your friend can treasure.
  • A laptop stand. For the DJ who is always on the go and uses their laptop to perform, this is ideal.
  • LED lights. If a DJ performs a lot, they might get a lot of use out of a lighting rig.
  • Music production courses. A lot of DJs also love production and want to learn how to become a producer as well as a DJ. This is one of the great DJ gift ideas.


DJs don’t tend to just like their hobby, they love it. They’re passionate and they wear their heart on their sleeve. Most DJs out there will be very excited to open up a gift on their birthday or Christmas morning and see you’ve given their hobby some thought. Whether you’re looking to spend $10 or $1,000, there’s a thoughtful DJ gift out there.