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Video: Trippz Michaud “Maybe”

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21-year old Connecticut native Chris “Trippz” Michaud defies convention and expectation. Step into a room with this hip-hop/indie kid and you’ll probably find him in the far corner, at the center of a small crowd that has gravitated towards his gentle energy. Trippz doesn’t seek attention; it comes to him.

Maybe it’s the sagging skinny jeans and graphic tee; maybe it’s the shaggy, unkempt hair peeking out from under his trucker hat. Or maybe yet – ladies take note – it’s the piercing, baby-blue eyes; that seem to beg you to come closer, to listen.

One only has to glance down at his forearms, inscribed on either side with the words “Dream” and “Nightmare”, to begin to understand the world that he inhabits in his mind. A place called Zeltron, filled with kaleidoscopic fragments of color, music, and words.

From this wellspring of words comes Trippz’ mind-blowing flow. Eyes closed, body rocking back and forth, Trippz becomes a fighter in the ring, his gentle energy replaced in an instant by explosive fire. As he begins to spit, all you can do to take cover.

So he’s another white, college-circuit rapper? Don’t be fooled; Trippz Michaud can also deliver ambient melodies over deep lyrics – perhaps that’s why production powerhouse Stargate (Katy Perry “Firework,” Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow”, Rihanna “Rude Boy”) scooped him up in an instant, signing him to their joint venture publishing, Stellar Songs/Sony ATV. If you’ve never seen anyone come up with a hook in 10 seconds or less, spend 30 in the studio with Trippz. A number of people could vouch for this – just ask production duo The Youngboyz (Leona Lewis “Collide”), Rob Knox (T.I “Dead and Gone”), or the Cataracs( Far East Movement “Like a G6″) True story.

EP “the adventures of Trippz vol 1″ coming soon (1st of 4 volumes)

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