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Throwback Thursday: The Better Dunker: Shawn Kemp or Dominique Wilkins?

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Published on December 13, 2012 with - No Comments

Shawn Kemp aka “The Reign Man” was Blake Griffin before Blake Griffin. Before being known for how many kids he has, he was that dude dunking everything. It didn’t matter where he was on the court, you were expecting him to get to the rim and jam. He was always looking to dunk on anyone; it really didn’t matter who was in front of him. And for his size, he was able to do some freakishly acrobatic moves you only see guards nowadays doing. His best known dunk is probably, “The Lister Blister” where he dunks on Alton Lister and then infamously points at him as Lister’s laying on the ground. Here’s that dunk plus a few other Reign Man dunks

Dominique Wilkins was the prototype athlete for dunking standing at 6’7, 200lbs with a 40 inch vert. He was one of the most explosive dunkers the NBA has ever seen. Even though he was best known for his windmill, Dominique had an array of in-game dunks from tip-jams to double pumps. Nique was a perfect combination of power and quickness that it made it tough for anyone to stop him from throwing down. There’s a reason for his nickname, “The Human Highlight Film,” and here’s proof to that nickname.

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