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Dice Starr K.O.T.

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Download: DiceStarr – King of Trappin

Check out the latest From DiceStarr. His new mixtape “King Of Trappin” is hosted by Dj Drama. Don’t sleep on our personal favorite from the tape “Preach 2 Em”.

If you need a little bit more info on DiceStarr and want to know his story check out his bio blow. #B$F!!!

DiceStarr Bio:

It is a well-known fact that a good role model can make an indelible impression,
good or bad, in a person’s life. Just when modern day society appears to have
wiped out the richness of an originally strong foundation, a mere glimpse into
the possibilities of what life can be for people in similar circumstances as you,
who choose to follow their dreams, can resurrect a once lost hope. In this case,
the fascinating Hip-Hop artist Desmond Douglas, better known as DICE STARR,
looked past the negative aspects of growing up in Brooklyn and focused instead
into forging his path in semblance to his role models—his brother Kobra, and
fellow Brooklyn residents Jay-Z and Nas. At a time when the quality of Hip-Hop
seems to be in great decline, Dice Starr has arrived to rescue the poetic
significance of rap that has been seemingly tossed aside. An artist that with
deep respect for his culture and roots has almost miraculously appeared to make
his mark in the game.

Dice Starr was born on November 21, 1988, in the gang-ridden neighborhood of
Flatbush, Brooklyn. Although music surrounded him not only in the raps he
heard outside bodegas in corners all around town, but also within his family who
threw dance hall parties for a living and through his brother King Kobra who was
an underground rap sensation in the town. But sports held then more of an
allure for Dice Starr, who joined the school football team and became so good at
it, that it earned him a full scholarship to Hudson Valley College. Later, he
transferred to the University of Houston, a city he had lived in briefly from 12 to
15, and earned his degree in Physical Education.

Upon concluding his studies, his attention shifted back to music and in 2010, he,
along with his two brothers and cousins decided to start a group they named
BLACKSTARR FAM. The group quickly became an underground success opening
for famous artists Fabolous, Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. Their
debut mix tape “It’s Only Right” took them on tour all over New York and Texas.
With the itch to express himself and evolve, Dice Starr began focusing on his
solo project. He gathered a bevy of A-List producers including Lex Luger (Kanye
West, Jay Z), Legend (T.I.), Epic (Young Money, Jim Jones) and Derryk Rhodes
whom he worked with on the BlackStarr Fam project, and began to lay on track
16 new songs and 2 skits.

With his rich lyrics and sound loaded with long forgotten expressions of another
time, Dice Starr is giving to a culturally needy audience a most precious gift.
This production, recorded as an album and released as a mix tape, is named
“K.O.T.” The initials stand for “King of Trapping”, a name that further hints to
the street life Dice Starr grew up in and that for him signify freedom. “We live in
a systematic world where there are traps that are strategically placed for
mankind to be held in bondage,” explains Dice Starr, “Once broken free from
those mental shackles, one becomes King of Trapping, obtaining the power to
lead and provide for our family and survive in the streets.”
“K.O.T”, marks a historic moment based on its impressive musical quality, prolific
lyrics and the real soul behind its interpreter. All of the songs are written entirely
by Dice Starr and he serves as the executive producer of the whole project.
Engineered by Night Krawler AKA Night Mix (Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur,
Whitney Houston, Wu-Tang), “K.O.T.” features collaborations by King Kobra,
Starr Trina, Rich Flyt, J Roc, Don Corleone, Peter Kolo, Sarah Grace, Skyy, and
Militant Kid.

The album as a whole covers the ups and downs of life and its experiences. His
lyrical themes are focused to street life, and the universal subject of life, action
and consequence. The first single, “Over Time” produced by Legend, is a gritty,
hard-hitting jam that’s contagious and relays the important message of hard
work paying off.

Today after many years of development, Dice Starr is finally ready to show the
world his truth and follow in the footsteps of his idols. So prepare yourself for
the launching of a mix tape that undoubtedly will make its historic mark.

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